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The term special education means teaching kids and young people with physical, mental, emotional or behavioral problems that prevent them from attending regular classes. Special education requires professional support, extra care, learning aids and special programs so that the students could cope with the material and develop skills that will help them integrate in the community. Most countries have passed laws stipulating that all people, including those with special educational needs, have the rights for the same opportunities.
The major difference between general and special education is in the methods of instruction used and learning goals. The objectives of general education are specified in a standard curriculum, but because of a student's disability the program for a course or subject may need adaptation or adjustment to meet the individual needs of the students. Also teaching materials may need to be adopted to help the kids with special needs understand the curriculum. Students who require special education may suffer from hearing or visual impairments, mental or behavioral instability, have different intellectual deficiencies and physical disabilities that require the use of wheelchairs or prosthetics. To address the special needs of children with such a variety of disabilities, schools and local authorities try to ensure adequate educational support, including hearing aids, Braille machines and other devices. Special education requires not only having special curriculum adopted to the children's speed of learning but also special teaching materials and books developed to help instructors successfully meet the teaching objectives. Here are some of the books devoted to special education.
1. "Comparing Special Education: Origins to Contemporary Paradoxes" by John G. Richardson, Justin J. W Powell.
This book provides an in-depth comparative and historical analysis of global trends concerning special and inclusive education in the United States, England, France, and Germany. The authors look into the peculiar features of different institutional and organizational developments and focus on the gradual change from segregation of students with special educational needs to their inclusion in local schools.
2. "Special Educational Needs in the Early Years" by Ruth A. Wilson
The book contains lots of practical tips on how to help children with special needs become active learners. This valuable teaching resource addresses such issues as the nature and causes of specific disabilities, intervention and assessment, working with families, setting goals and instructional strategies. The book also includes case study examples and practical suggestions.
3. "Lessons from Special Education Research" by Sindelar, Paul T.; Bishop, Anne G.; Brownell, Mary T.; Rosenberg, Michael S.; Connelly, Vincent J.
In this book the authors describe the special education community that strives to provide a qualified teacher for every special education student. Readers will learn about the development and operation of the special teaching center as well as the positive results achieved.
4. "Issues in Educating Students with Disabilities" by Edward J. Kameenui, David Chard, John Wills Lloyd
The most prominent researchers and thinkers working in the field of educating students with and without disabilities provide a comprehensive picture of the most current research and analysis on a wide spectrum of teaching methods and the most recent legislature on educating students with special needs in the general education classroom.
5. "ICT and Special Educational Needs: A Tool for Inclusion" by Lani Florian, John Hegarty
A useful resource for those who teach students with special educational needs, the book addresses what instructors and classroom assistants need to know and do to maximize the value of technology as an important component of effective, inclusive education. The book gives a wide range of examples of ICT in use, including in-depth analyses of the uses of ICT as an inclusion teaching tool.
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