Montessori Education

Montessori Education Method Nccrest

Montessori Education offers opportunities for our children to develop to their full potential when stepping out into the world. Your children will be competent, responsible, respectful and engaged members of society. They will learn how to appreciate learning and understand how important it truly is in order to lead a successful life. At Montessori each child is recognized as an individual offering something unique to the world. Montessori understands that each child learns in a different way and Montessori is prepared to accommodate each and every learning style.
Here at Montessori every student is encouraged to learn at their own pace and move through the curriculum as they fell comfortable through their own individualized learning program. Montessori is aware that when learning at an early age students can develop concentration, coordination, and independence with confidence. The classroom materials, daily routines and even design is all catered to supporting ones individuality and encourage students to think for themselves.
Your child will be apart of a very caring staff. Once placed in a multi aged classroom beginning at three years of age, the class will become like a large family. Older and more advanced students will act as mentors to the younger students who are just getting their bearings. This role model type atmosphere helps encourage the newer students to gain confidence with the feeling of being supported through these new challenges. Each teacher follows a model of respect, kindness, peaceful conflict resolution, and love. Every student will be able to enjoy this limited freedom.
Montessori Education Method - Laying The Foundation Nccrest The teachers, parents, and students will set parameters to decide what the focus for the years learning will be. The Montessori philosophy is that a child’s personal interest will derive personal satisfaction that will result in enjoyable learning that will last a lifetime. Students are encouraged to actively seek knowledge. Teachers will provide the perfect environments to do so in. They have the freedom to explore many learning instruments and tools. Within this environment there is also a self assessment area where students will self correct. This is a pivotal part of the Montessori approach. Students will mature and grow as they learn to self assess their work and develop an eye for correcting, learning, and recognizing their errors.
Once given the freedom, resources, and support to make connections, question, and think deeply your child will become self directed, confident, and even enthusiastic about learning. If you give your child an opportunity to attend a Montessori school you are giving them the education to act boldly, think critically, and work collaboratively. Montessori is sure to set them up for a bright future in the twenty first century.