NCCRESt – National Art Contest 2007

National Art Contest 2007
The National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems (NCCRESt) is sponsoring a national art contest, in conjunction with its National Forum: Leadership for Equity and Excellence: Transforming Education. NCCRESt works to raise awareness of the impact of race, class and culture in our schools.
Imagine a world in which everybody is included, valued, appreciated. Visualize a school where the atmosphere is caring, promoting respect for diversity, a community of learners born of compassion, trust and courage. A school where students and teachers intentionally commit themselves to support and encourage an individual’s unique gifts, passions and intentions; to challenge and expand the comfortable limits of thought, tolerance and performance. How would you artistically express this type of school environment? NCCRESt seeks to capture the vision of artists about what schools would look like when they value and include the backgrounds, experiences, and heritage of ALL students.
Work submitted to this contest will be used on products and materials developed by NCCRESt to raise awareness and to help people across the nation understand the vision of inclusive, culturally responsive education.
The contest is open to students in grades K-12 and adults. The grand prize winner will receive a $300 cash award and a trip for two to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2007 National Forum on Disproportionality in Education, February 7-9, 2007. At this national forum the grand prize winner will be honored at a reception and artwork will be on display.
Download the NCCRESt Art Contest Informational Flyer here
For more information about the rules, prizes, and to download submission and consent forms please read the documents below…
Please note: We are no longer accepting entries for this year’s contest.