NCCRESt – Culturally Responsive Response To Intervention Academy3

Culturally Responsive Response To Intervention
Culturally responsive educational systems are grounded in the belief that culturally and linguistically diverse students can excel in academic endeavors. NCCRESt’s newest professional learning module presents Response to Intervention (RTI) as a culturally responsive framework for ensuring evidence-based, high-quality opportunities to learn in inclusive settings for all students, including those who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Culturally responsive RTI frameworks have the potential to address issues of disproportionate representation for diverse students in special education programs by providing access to curriculum and instructional practice grounded in research that attends to the powerful role of culture in teaching and learning.
Participants in this professional learning module will become familiar with the basic structures and features of culturally responsive RTI with a focus on ensuring that general education provides robust, high quality opportunities to learn for all students. Participants will also identify traditional attitudes related to what counts as evidence in research and practice, expand upon these views, and design interventions for their own pedagogy that take into account the role of culture in teaching and learning.
Download the materials in each of the following three academies. All files will open in a new window. Please print the manuals and save the PowerPoints for use with the academy presentations.